Delta One Leadership Institute:
  exemplary leadership through example.

Leaders across the board are under increasing pressure to rise above the fray in a more competitive environment with even greater demands to perform. You know that successful leaders create effective, growing organizations with motivated workers.

The mission of Delta One is to encourage and train leaders in the strategic and tactical aspects of your calling to service and produce in the marketplace. Even more, we help provide the environment and motivation for you to develop as a servant leader, leading with integrity and care, and effectively integrating your faith with your work.

The model for Delta One is the successful legacy and unique leadership philosophy of The ServiceMaster Company, as summarized in its original Four Corporate Objectives: To honor God in all we do; To help people develop; To pursue excellence; and, To grow profitably. These are not just words on a plaque. They form the basis for seeking to do what is right and avoiding what is wrong, thus making them more relevant in your work and every aspect of your life.

Your membership in Delta One brings you together with other leaders in a community of learning, alongside the encouragement and training of proven leaders who share their wisdom, knowledge, and insight through seminars, conferences, and online resources.  If you’re serious about further developing your leadership skills, join Delta One today.


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